Duck Tales..... Woo Hoo

Way back in 2014 (I think), I did some work my friend Sean Bishop as he was developing Duck Tales.  We were really inspired by the old Carl Banks comics, Tintin, Indiana Jones, and of course, the original show.  


Bennett's B-Day is just around the corner... time for another invite. 

Umpqua River Memoeries

New painting for my Grandfather's up-coming 90th birthday.  He and my grandmother used to have a house in Oregon on the Umpqua River.  I have a lot of fond memories of the the place. I don't have any photos of just the river, so this is based mostly on memory and a few random pics my Dad had. The river carved the rocks into these long flowing shapes. 

Pastel 11x14


Path in the Grass. More of a learning experience than final piece. iPhone pic lost some of the detail and contrast. Will sit on this one for awhile, but it feels like it is finished.


Hay Barn

IMG_2223.JPGPastel 13x21. Maybe it's time to pick a more standard size :P


New pages of concept art, characters, and colorscripts from PLANES.  DUSTY_CARRIER_001primerThe "art of" book is out now as well: